I came across this video from Adobe today, and though I’m not usually one to geek-out over software, I was pretty impressed by Brackets: a text-editor in development that can extract information from PSDs to use when writing code.

I’m a pretty comfortable novice with Photoshop; I can navigate layers, grab content and pick apart a design quite happily. But the time saved by being able to open a PSD within my text editor and pull attributes out directly (with code hints!) seems like a massive time saver.

No word if Brackets is as light-weight as other text editors, but you’d assume it’s not going to be as resource-demanding as Photoshop itself. Being able to make use of PSDs without actually opening Photoshop would make working on a netbook – or something less powerful than my desktop machine – a lot easier.

It’s just a prototype for now, and I don’t think I’m brave enough to try the milestone builds. But I look forward to getting my hands on a more finished product and seeing what it can do!