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Online Advertising Shouldn’t Be This Difficult

We’ve all seen it. You visit a site, only to be bombarded by an eyeful of content you didn’t ask for, and you’re not interested in. In the quest to monetise online content, advertising has become an aggressive – and often intrusive – industry that is constantly trying to squeeze more money out of every […]

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Automattic: Providing Great User Data for Phishing Attacks (Now Fixed)

Updated 18.12.2014 Phishing attacks work best when the sender can convince the email recipient that they really are representing the company they claim to be. Providing some genuine information about the user you’re trying to scam – especially if it’s the kind of information that it seems only a company would know – is going to make […]

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Why I Don’t Support IE8 & Older (Unless Asked)

Part of developing for the web is supporting an ever changing, advancing collection of technologies and methodologies. Looking to the past is often necessary to maintain and update things – I even wrote a blog post with some simple tips for older browser support. But there’s one browser troublemaker who isn’t as easy to accommodate: Internet […]

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Scrum Birds: April & May 2014

Thanks to some longer sprints and a few holidays, April ended with only two sketches. I resisted publishing my dreadful art skills a month longer, so here’s L to R (with one accidental omission)…     I try to focus on a distinguishing feature when I can, but the lyre bird’s elaborate tail was fairly tricky. I’d like to […]

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Scrum Birds: March 2014

The terrible whiteboard art is back, this time with March’s four new doodles. I’ve tried using reference images a little more often to make the birds seem more like their real-life counterparts. Thank goodness for Google images, though I’m not sure how much of an improvement it’s making. If you’re not sure what you’re looking […]

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Scrum Birds: January – February 2014

Scrum is a technique for managing projects / development work, and it’s the approach we use in the digital teams at the Immediate Media Company in Bristol. At the end of last year I jokingly suggested that on the web team we should give our “Sprints” (fixed periods of work) military-sounding code names. We started with “Dusty […]

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Brackets: Adobe’s Text Editor of the Future

I came across this video from Adobe today, and though I’m not usually one to geek-out over software, I was pretty impressed by Brackets: a text-editor in development that can extract information from PSDs to use when writing code. I’m a pretty comfortable novice with Photoshop; I can navigate layers, grab content and pick apart […]

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Port80 2013 (Follow Friday)

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend Port80, a South Wales based web conference. There were 8 fantastic talks on a whole range of subjects, and I really took a lot away from the experience. In keeping with Twitter’s “Follow Friday” tradition, here’s some web / technology folk worth checking out: Matt Andrews (@mattpointblank) Rachel […]

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CSS Media Queries: Min-Width vs Max-Width

One of the most useful CSS tools for building responsive layouts are @media queries. Defined by the W3C as “expressions that check for the conditions of particular media features“, they allow developers to create CSS that only applies when certain conditions are met. They’re great. Going overboard with too many fixed @media breakpoints isn’t really responsive; […]

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